Experimenting with "Video First" Podcasting

One of the questions I've been getting on live streams and webinars lately is, "how are you dealing with video for your podcast?"

For a long time, I've said you don’t need video for your podcast, or you don’t necessarily need compelling video.

But as more platforms (like YouTube and TikTok) get into podcasting, I’m changing my tune.

So I’ve been experimenting with “video first” podcasting. Here’s how I’m doing it.

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Joe Casabona 🎙️ ⚙️
Joe Casabona 🎙️ ⚙️
Podcast and automation coach that blends content creation and technology like it's the best cup of coffee ☕ you've ever had. Dadx3. Yankees fan.
Experimenting with "Video First" Podcasting
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