6 Ways to Double Your Podcast Downloads in 2023

Last year, I more than doubled my monthly downloads for my already popular podcast, How I Built It, from 34,000 downloads per month to 71,000 downloads per month. Today, I want to give you 6+ ways you can do the same thing.

1/ Podcast promo swaps. Easily the best way to do it. I saw a marked increase in the number of downloads on weeks I swapped promos with another podcaster.

Why do you think Wonder, iHeart, and the other big networks do it?

2/ Feed drops. If you want to give an audience a taste of what they can get by subscribing, trade episodes with another podcaster and put them in your feed on an off-day.

You could even go the extra mile and create a custom CTA to subscribe to your show.

3/ Podcast guesting. Borrowing audiences is a tale as old as time, and that's exactly what you do when you go on other podcasts.  Provide a TON of value then make your CTA to check out your podcast. They can do it from the same app.

4/ Promote your podcast in your newsletter. It can be dedicated broadcasts just for the episode, or a feature in your weekly newsletter, but make sure you're telling your own audience about it. Don't just assume they know.

5/ Create better titles. You want episode titles that stoke the need to listen through curiosity. Don't just use your guest's name. Open a thread that can only be closed by listened. If you need ideas, check out the incredible Creator Hooks by Jake Thomas.

6/ Know who you serve! When you clearly define the problem your podcast solves, it makes your episodes more shareable. Define your mission statement and who you help. Then serve them! 

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6 Ways to Double Your Podcast Downloads in 2023
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