5 Places Where You Can Find Podcasts to Swap with TODAY

One of the most common questions I get when I tell people that they should do more podcast swaps is, "Where should I go to find podcasts to swap with?" You can just look on Apple Podcasts or reach out to the podcast that you listened to. But that might not be the best strategy. You want to find similar audiences -- look alike audiences where the listeners will be more likely to tune into your show.
Here are 5 great places to look:
Tink Media’s Podcast Swap database. There are people who’ve opted-in to doing podcast swaps and have made their email address easily accessible. I found 20 podcasts to work with using this database. 
Apple Podcasts. Go to your podcast page page and look for You Might Also Like. These are podcasts that have similar audiences. If that doesn’t work, you could also look at the podcasts in your category. 
Arielle Nissenblatt’s Podcast Community Discord. This is a community of podcasters that are looking for collabs and networking. There’s even a #swaps-collabs area.
Podchaser. If you go to your podcast page there, they have a “Similar” tab. This is much more robust than Apple Podcasts…though you’ll have to watch the quality/activity of the shows. Still a great starting point for outreach. 
 ListenNotes’s Community/Curation pages. Go to your page on ListenNotes and click on the Community tab. You’ll see lists your show is a part of.  If there are no lists, check out the curated tab and search for lists relevant to your show! 
So there you have it! 5 ways to find podcasts to swap with. Which are you going to try first?

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5 Places Where You Can Find Podcasts to Swap with TODAY
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