What Would You Do with an Extra 10 Hours Per Month?

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you have a great interview with a guest. Now it’s time to edit. You’re using software you’re still kind of learning. And this interview has a slightly different issue you haven’t seen before, so you’re watching YouTube videos on how to remove AC hum from your guest’s audio. You feel like you said “um” too much so you’re trying to remove some, but not all of them. You don’t want to sound unnatural.
Even though the interview was only 30 minutes, the edit takes 2 hours. That’s at least 3 other interviews you could have done.
Instead, you can hire an editor who, for less than $50, can do the full edit and send you back a file that sounds better than anything you’ve done.
And you need to ask yourself: Is your time worth $25/hr?

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Joe Casabona 🎙️ ⚙️
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What Would You Do with an Extra 10 Hours Per Month?
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