What Gen-Z Listening Habits Mean for Podcasting

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking at my high school alma mater’s Career Day about being a podcast coach and content creator.
It was an opportunity to teach students about what I do, but it was also a learning opportunity for me. I’ve been listening to podcasts essentially since some of these students were in diapers (or even before they were born). I’ve been podcasting since they were my oldest daughter’s age.

What I found was fascinating.

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Joe Casabona 🎙️ ⚙️
Joe Casabona 🎙️ ⚙️
Podcast and automation coach that blends content creation and technology like it's the best cup of coffee ☕ you've ever had. Dadx3. Yankees fan.
What Gen-Z Listening Habits Mean for Podcasting
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