Are You an Effective Podcast Guest?

Are you an effective podcast guest? Much like podcast swaps, this can be a great way to grow your show. But you need to do a good job! So how can you be an effective podcast guest? I have 3 tips: 
  1.  Provide Value. Ask the host about their audience, what their problems are, and do you best to offer actionable advice. 
  2. Don’t self-promote too much. You don’t want to come off as salesy or smarmy the whole time. If you’re only pushing your own stuff, you’re not providing value…and it’s obvious. 
  3. Have a landing page and clear call to action
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Joe Casabona 🎙️ ⚙️
Joe Casabona 🎙️ ⚙️
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Are You an Effective Podcast Guest?
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