Share Your Journey

Earlier this year, I had 2 conversations that really shaped how I view making content moving forward
The first was Tim Stoddart of Copyblogger. He’s a prolific writer, a fantastic business owner, and super down-to-earth.
He told me he doesn’t like the term “build in public.” He prefers to say, “Share your journey.”
I love this because you’re not giving people a blueprint to follow (despite what the Thread Bois says).
You’re telling people what you’re doing, and what’s working for YOU.
Then I did a deep dive on Justin Jackson and John Buda’s Build in Public podcast.
They shared their own journey of building a SaaS in a crowded market in 2018. And the podcast took off.
I’m definitely focusing on long-form content more. But when I’m stuck, especially when I want to deliver for my members, I’m going to share my journey.
Do something. Tell people you did it. Tell people how you did it.
Unless you’re literally doing nothing, you’ll always have something to share.
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Share Your Journey
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