Breaking Down The Breakdown: A Grand Experiment in Branded Podcasts

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Aaron Eckhart’s version of Harvey Dent said that in Christopher Nolan’s penultimate Batman film, The Dark Knight.

Since its release in 2008, that quote has been referenced and misappropriated to fit situations because, let’s be honest, it’s a cool quote.

Well, you can add another reference to the pile because it’s the first quote that came to mind when I thought about prolific podcaster Matt Medeiros: “You either podfade or you podcast long enough to try every format.”

Matt has certainly been around the block. He had perhaps the first popular WordPress business podcast, The Matt Report. He has a short-form news podcast called The WP Minute. Finally, he has a locally focused podcast, We Are Here, celebrating businesses from South Coast, MA.

And now he hosts Breakdown, a podcast by the popular forms plugin, Gravity Forms, for Gravity Forms users and web builders.

Even though podcasting has been around for a while, most brands are just now coming around to their importance as part of a greater content strategy.

I wanted to capture Breakdown’s story as it’s starting. It’s easy to say after it’s worked that it was the right decision. We’re still at the point where Matt and the Gravity Forms team are experimenting. And that’s a great thing for brands and podcasters alike to see.

  • No matter how many downloads your podcast gets, it can be an integral part of your overall content strategy.
  • Create case studies from interviews you publish on your podcast — whether you’re a brand or a solopreneur.
  • Be open to experiments. You never know what will resonate with your audience.

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Breaking Down The Breakdown: A Grand Experiment in Branded Podcasts
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