How to get More Comfortable Behind the Mic

On my wedding day, I was standing inside the church, in front of the altar, welcoming the 200+ guests we had invited as they came in and found their seats.
My friend Alex came up to me at some point at said, “Joey — you look so calm and comfortable. On my wedding day, I was a nervous mess.”
It’s true. I was feeling great on my wedding day; I didn’t feel those nerves because I was used to being in front of people, and unlike some talks I gave, this was a friendly audience, ready to help us celebrate.
That experience reminds me of a question I got while speaking at a conference back in 2019: “How do you get more comfortable speaking into the microphone.” I loved it because while I often focus on the technical aspects of creating a podcast, there can be a real issue with getting comfortable recording, especially if you’re doing a solo show. So my answer: get your reps in.

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How to get More Comfortable Behind the Mic
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