Answering YOUR Questions Around Creating an Engaging Podcast

It's another Q&A Episode! I gather some question from listeners, particularly focusing on the length and frequency of episodes, content creation, and branding. I tackle:
  1. Episode Length: There is no ideal length for a podcast episode; it should be as long as necessary to adequately cover the topic. Short, complete episodes are better than long, rambling ones.
  2. Content Creation: Confidence in having enough content comes from choosing a topic within your expertise. Answering one question per episode can help maintain focus and provide valuable content.
  3. Frequency: For new podcasters, weekly episodes are ideal, but bi-weekly can also work. Monthly episodes are not recommended unless the podcaster already has a large audience.
  4. Branding: A branded podcast should be hosted on the brand's website to leverage SEO benefits. However, the podcast name should be something people are searching for, rather than the brand name itself.
  5. Sponsorship: For branded podcasts, it's advisable to avoid competitor sponsorships. Initially, focus on driving traffic to the brand rather than seeking sponsors.
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  • (00:00) - Welcome!
  • (01:42) - Finding enough to talk about
  • (05:28) - Integrating the podcast with your brand
  • (11:36) - How often should you publish episodes?
  • (14:09) - How long should episodes be?
  • (15:29) - Wrapping up
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Answering YOUR Questions Around Creating an Engaging Podcast
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